Curate case studies

Share your successes with existing and future clients.

Compelling case studies

Case studies illustrate exactly how your company helped a previous or current customer, and are a corner stone of any marketing campaign.  

We use premium video production to create compelling case studies for our clients. Case study videos are perfect for your website and social channels, and, crucially, can be shared easily by third-parties. 

Case studies are so effective because humans love stories – even B2B buyers! 

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Clear and relevant

Case studies are most powerful when they show clear, relevant and measurable data on how you helped a company improve. 

We can plan the content of your case study by delving into the successes of your customers. We then formulate the most appropriate questions to get the right answers that create a really compelling video. 

We can also film your team explaining how the problem was approached and solved by your business to add balance to the video. 

Extension of your team

A turn-key service is available, meaning we can take care of everything – from organising a filming day with your client to writing questions and coaching those uncomfortable in-front of the camera. 

We also work as an extension of your marketing team or agency, slotting in seamlessly as part of your marketing and comms A-Team. 

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