Improve internal communications

Communicate effectively with your team using premium video production.

Add a human element

The world of hybrid working means that many of us work from home and ‘see’ colleagues a lot less than we previously did. As a result of this, video for internal communications has grown exponentially in recent years. 

Using video adds a human element to internal messaging, which helps teams to engage and bond, even if their working hours and locations differ. Video is also a great way to communicate a message, update or presentation that can be watched in their own time. 

High-quality content

Working directly with internal comms professionals and with employee engagement agencies, we produce high-quality content that is used in town halls, year reviews, conferences and business updates. 

We regularly attend internal company events and awards ceremonies, capturing the highlights using premium-quality video production and photography. 

Insight and realism

Having worked with some of the biggest brands in the world on internal comms projects, we have the insight you need on what actually works to engage your team and boost morale. 

We can slot in seamlessly with your internal comms team, providing insight and realistic options on what will work best for your business. 

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Our video editor's timeline showing an interview with Christian Horner