Mar 2024

In 2024, internal communications have evolved beyond traditional methods with video emerging as a powerful tool for engaging employees, fostering collaboration, and conveying key messages. In this article, we take a closer look at some of the video types being used by internal comms professionals.

Company Culture Videos: This type of video offers a glimpse into an organisation’s values, traditions, and workplace environment, helping new hires integrate smoothly and reinforcing existing employees’ sense of belonging.

Here’s a company culture video we produced for SKIM:

Training and Tutorial Videos: Training new employees or upskilling existing ones can be streamlined through videos, especially with remote and hybrid working the norm now. These videos provide step-by-step instructions, demonstrations, and real-life examples, facilitating learning and development at employees’ own pace and convenience, in a location of their choice.

Explainer Videos: Complex concepts, processes or changes can be effectively communicated through explainer videos. These concise and visually appealing videos break down intricate information into easily digestible segments, ensuring clarity and understanding among employees.

Here’s an explainer animation we produced for Axiom about a service:

Leadership Messages: Personalised messages from senior leaders resonate deeply with employees, fostering transparency, trust, and a sense of belonging. Whether it’s sharing company updates, expressing thanks, or outlining future goals, leadership messages convey authenticity and sincerity.

Employee Spotlights/Testimonials: Highlighting individual employees’ achievements, experiences, and contributions can boost morale and foster a sense of recognition and appreciation. Employee spotlights or testimonials showcase the diverse talents and perspectives within the organisation, strengthening employee engagement and cohesion.

This video shares what the team think about their workplace and how important the people are:

Town Hall Meetings and Live Streams: In large organisations or remote work environments, town hall meetings conducted via video conferencing or live streams facilitate open communication and alignment. Employees have the opportunity to interact with leadership, ask questions, and voice concerns in real-time, fostering transparency and building a sense of community. We produce videos for town halls regularly and can vouch for their effectiveness, with the feedback we get!

Humorous or Light-hearted Content: Injecting humour or light-hearted content into internal communications can really help to engage employees on a personal level. Whether it’s celebrating milestones, sharing inside jokes, or creating fun challenges, these videos foster a positive and inclusive work culture.

Incorporating a variety of video types into internal communications strategy can cater to diverse employee preferences and communication needs, enhancing engagement, productivity, and organisational cohesion. By leveraging the power of video, organisations can effectively convey messages, foster connections, and cultivate a thriving workplace environment.

Here at FLYTE Creative Media, we regularly work with internal comms professionals on a huge variety of videos and have done for many years. We love hearing the feedback from team members on how powerful a tool video has been in bringing their teams together.