Create customer testimonials

Build trust with your potential customers using powerful testimonials.

Trust in your brand

Customer testimonials are a great way to build trust in your brand and having advocates for your business are crucial.  

They are a great way to show how you solved a customer’s pain point that future customers can relate to, connect with and better understand your product/services before they engage with you.  

But even more importantly, you need to capture those testimonials and share them across your marketing channels.

Find out more about our video production services here. 

Reliable partner

If a client is happy to be filmed, we can visit their chosen location to interview them, either with you or as an extension of your team as your trusted, reliable partner. 

Capturing why they enjoyed working with you and the benefits it brought to their business is like gold dust, and we will craft the content into a beautifully shot video that is perfect for sharing. 

We can also capture high-resolution photographs of your client. 

Resonate with your audience

When clients give you a written testimonial, they won’t use your carefully crafted corporate words. They’ll talk like normal people and speaking naturally resonates far more than corporate speak! 

If you have plenty of written testimonials, we can edit the copy effectively, animate them and add them to videos or we can create standalone video shorts, ready for use on social media. 

We even do it ourselves, as you can see from this video!