Dec 2020

Planning the day

We were asked by Manor Renewable Energy to attend their Portland site for an asset creation day concentrating on their newly launched vessel: the Initiative.

Beforehand, there was some time spent in pre-production working with the client to produce a shot list and discussing the end goals for the content.



Capturing the shots

Once we had all our protective gear on, we set out on filming, taking photographs and also using our drone to capture key shots from the air. It was a full day capturing content, which can be used for various campaigns going forward.


Creative Director Jamie Griffin filming the Initiative from a support boat.


Producer Sarah Griffin interviewing the client.


Interviewing the client

We also took the opportunity to interview the team behind the boat build to capture the story of the Initiative. We worked with the client to produce a series of questions that would provide plenty of content going for future campaigns.

FLYTE Creative Media has, to date, produced three separate videos and a portfolio of high-quality photographic assets for Manor Renewable Energy from the asset creation day, providing a fantastic vault of assets and great value for money.

Asset creation days are a great way for your business to capture those essential shots for your marketing collateral accrues all channels.

For more information about asset creation days, please hesitate to get in touch.

Watch our video about the day:

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And here is one of the videos we created for Manor Renewable Energy: