Mar 2022

We love the possibilities at our finger tips thanks to the use of green screen and virtual sets, so designing, building and working within a bespoke, custom designed set for the Civica FY22 event was a great opportunity for us to use our skills in this area.

The green screen set


In case you’re wondering, a virtual set is created by building a green screen set and this is where the talent present and perform in. What each camera captures is then dropped into a pre-built virtual set and can be streamed live or edited into a pre-recorded video.

On screen with the virtual sets added


Civica has an annual event each year to mark the end of the current financial year (FY), to celebrate their successes and launch the new FY. Led by the CEO and a team of presenters, the event is a key part of their internal communications and is a mixture of pre-recorded videos, interviews, presentations and informal discussions.

Behind the green screen set


We were really happy to be asked to produce the videos for this event again (by our long-standing client SalesTorque) and to manage the virtual set for the event, plus capture the footage on the day of filming the presenters’ content within the set. We used a 5-camera set up and captured it all into our Tricaster 2 Elite (which can actually handle a lot more inputs, if needed!). The footage of the presenters appeared within the virtual set we had created prior to the day. The presenter and discussion group footage was then edited together added to the other event videos to produce a roughly 1.5 hour event.

Back in the edit suite


We streamed the event ‘as-live’ from FLYTE HQ to the Civica teams up and down the UK. Although the client chose to stream this event ‘as-live’, we have the capabilities to stream events live (even with virtual sets added), thanks to our live production capabilities.

Live streaming the event