May 2022

Pitney Bowes is a global shipping and mailing company that provides technology, logistics, and financial services. With new products being developed all the time, the company uses video to showcase and explain the unique features of each innovation, reaching customers across the globe.

Working with the UK marketing team, we filmed the new product – the SendPro Mailstation – capturing all the new features and demonstrating how to use each part. Once the filming had taken place, we began editing the footage together, added custom motion graphics and on-screen text to really bring the product to life on screen. We also used a voiceover artist for the video who explains how the features work.

Editing the new Pitney Bowse video in our editing suite.


The video is used as a sales and marketing tool and has been published across the company’s marketing channels, including on their YouTube channel. You can watch the video below…

We’re looking forward to working with the Pitney Bowes team throughout 2022!