May 2021

We have been working closely with the team at vTail recently as they launch their new and exciting healthcare app. We were initially recommended to vTail by another client of ours.

As the branding has evolved and been solidified by the vTail team, we have worked with them to produce a new, updated trailer style video for their marketing channels to tease the unique features of the app.

The team is based both in the US and UK, so Zoom meetings with the CEO and wider team ensured that we could discuss their vision and expectations and bring these to life in the video. The app is primarily targeting the US market, so we worked hard to create an aesthetic for the video that would appeal to this market.

Using key words appearing on screen, high-quality stock footage, screen replacement to show the app in use on mobiles and subtle motion graphics we brought the use of the app to life and made it relevant to their audience. The video is now live on their website or you can watch it below…

It was a pleasure working with the vTail team once again and we look forward to our next project together!