Jul 2022

We recently worked in partnership with Axiom Communications, the employee engagement specialists, to produce a video for the Astra Zeneca EUIT team. (Scroll to the end of the article to see the finished video).

The EUIT team needed a video to support their elevator pitch presentations that could also be used for internal communications for the foreseeable future, therefore creating a greater ROI on the video for the client.

Working with the Axiom team, a storyboard was created for the video, featuring the wording to appear on screen and the required visuals, split into timed chapters. We used video (supplied by the client) of their products in use, icons to demonstrate key points of learning and combined these with stock imagery, more footage and motion graphics. We also recreated diagrams and flow charts used in basic PowerPoints using custom motion graphics to really elevate the look and feel of the production. No voiceover was required, so we chose a suitable piece of music for the video.

Here’s just a few shots of the video:

It was great to work with the Axiom and EUIT teams again!

You can watch the finished video here: