May 2022

We, and I’m sure other video production companies, get asked this a lot: How much for a 2-minute video? In this article, I’m going to try and explain that it isn’t quite as simple as that and how we normally reply to a question like that.

I’m going to start with an example.

If you want to purchase a car, would you go to a garage and say, “I want to buy a car”? Or if you are looking online for a car, would you type into Google, “How much for a car”? The person at the garage would probably ask you questions like “Who is the car for?”, “Do you want a convertible or an estate?”, “Do you want a mini or an Aston Martin?”. And I know for sure that on the car online search platforms there will be many search choices for you to tick before you get to see a list of cars that would be suitable for you. Hopefully already, you know where I’m going on this now.

Back to video.

A 2-minute video can be produced in quite a few different ways, and therefore we would need a bit more information to find out what “the cost” would be.

  • We would reply with questions such as:
    – Does it require motion graphics / animation?
    – Would it be predominantly live action? (Filming required)
    – Are there people needing to be interviewed? How many?
    – Where would the filming take place?
    – Would it need stock footage?
  • – Does it need a voiceover?
  • – Does it need to be translated? Or transcribed to add captions?
    – And so on…

With such a question as the title of this article is, you can see the reply email could go on for a long time!

Editing the new Pitney Bowes video in our editing suite.


That being said, you as the client come to video production companies like Flyte Creative Media because you want to work with experienced video professionals, people that do this day to day, to make your business shine. Why would you know all these answers beforehand? Well, you shouldn’t.

You want to get the best video for the project or campaign in hand. For example, if you need your CEO of your company interviewed for a company wide message, that would be a different requirement than if you need an impactful show starter or product launch.

Better starting questions.

Rather than reply to such a question as “How much is a 2-minute video?” with lots of questions such as the ones above, we often ask: How you seen another video that you like the look of? Normally, once we see what you are thinking visually, we can cost the video you would like quite accurately, accompanied with a small number of other questions. Sometimes, however, this is a valuable insight on how much your favourite videos are estimated to cost to produce. If that is the case, don’t worry, we can still help.

What is your budget?

If you have a tight budget, a great way to start is to let us know what budget you have for the video(s), then we can provide you with a few samples for you to look at and what you can expect with your budget. We always try and make the budget stretch as far as possible, while also managing expectations. We often work with companies that have a quarterly budget set out for videos and knowing what budget we have to work with in advance means that we can work with you to maximize your ROI.

“I’m so new to video that I’m really confused.”

If you are new to your team, or have never worked with video before, you do not need to worry. We are there with you the whole way through. From planning, production, post production to final delivery. We promise we will always be crystal clear on all parts of the project, all while working with an agreed cost estimate and setting expectations.

If you have any questions about your next video project, or would like to become a Flyte video partner, feel free to get in touch.