Jun 2021

We were recently asked by our client, eCollective, to partner with them to produce six short videos for the East of England Co-op Sourced Locally Awards 2021.

The videos needed to be shot on location across the counties of Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex, capturing the stories of six producers who supply the East of England Co-op stores and who have been nominated for the Sourced Locally Awards.

As we all know, 2020 and 2021 have been difficult years for both businesses and individuals due to the Covid19 pandemic and the Co-op was keen to demonstrate how these suppliers have gone above and beyond to support the Co-op and their customers during this time. Members of the public can view the videos of the nominated producers on the Co-op website and YouTube channel and then choose their winner.

We worked alongside the team at eCollective, planning each shoot day and location, researching each producer’s back story, and collating all the brand assets required prior to filming. We then filmed on location over the course of four days, interviewing the producers, filming them at work and their premises, including capturing aerial footage of farmland and the surrounding landscape.

Behind the scenes interviewing the Havensfield Happy Hens team.


We were lucky enough to film in some beautiful rural locations and met plenty of livestock along the way, including thousands of chickens and pigs! We also got to see behind the scenes in manufacturing facilities and we left with a greater understanding of the food production industry. All in all, it was fascinating stuff!

After four days of filming and covering hundreds of miles, we headed back to FLYTE HQ to begin ingesting the 812GB of footage we had captured and begin the editing process, piecing together the stories of the six producers and interspersed with plenty of b-roll.

Back in the FLYTE Creative Media editing suite


We delivered the finished six videos within three weeks of the project starting and we are thrilled that both eCollective and the Co-op are delighted with the finished videos.

You can see all of the videos and vote for your winning producer here!