Mar 2022

And meeting a Spice Girl!

It’s no secret that we are BIG Formula 1 fans here at FLYTE, so it was a pretty exciting day for us when we were asked to interview Red Bull Principal Christian Horner! As part of the Civica FY22 kick off event, the Civica team asked Christian to share his thoughts on leadership and culture to inspire and motivate their team.

The interview took place at Christian’s beautiful Cotswold home, so this provided a stunning backdrop. We used a three-camera set up, with two cameras capturing Christian and the interviewer from different angles and our motorised slider with a camera capturing a wide-angle view of the set. The three camera angles provided an interesting and premium look for the viewers.

Christian was fascinating to listen to and his wife (and Spice Girl!) Geri Horner, even popped in to see if we’d like a cuppa! All in all in was a day to remember and we’re sure the Civica team found the interview really uplifting and inspirational.

Jamie Griffin and Christian Horner


Thanks to the Horners for being such great hosts!

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