Jan 2021

2021 has seen the launch of an exiting new pet food brand: Percuro. This revolutionary brand uses insect protein to create delicious food for our pets that is clean, ethical and sustainable.

Percuro’s digital marketing agency eCollective Digital approached us to create a set of videos to support the launch of the brand: an animation explaining the vital role of the Black Soldier Fly and a live footage video of a dog enjoying a bowl of Percuro and demonstrating just how delicious it is!

The Percuro edit underway


Using footage of Bear the dog (supplied to us by the client), we created a fun and informative video using the newly established Percuro brand guidelines. The live footage is overlaid with motion graphics and tells the story of just how much Bear is enjoying her new food! Have a watch below:


We also created an animation about the Black Soldier Fly, the importance of sustainable & ethical pet food and how the whole planet can benefit from this new way of feeding our pets. The team at eCollective wrote the story and we then created the 2D graphic animation using the colours, look and feel of the brand.

We also created German versions of the videos to support Percuro’s European launch. Both videos are now being used on Percuro’s website and across their social media channels.

See below for the Percuro Black Soldier Fly animation: