Oct 2021

Working with one of our long term clients, SalesTorque, we recently created two pre-roll YouTube adverts for cloud computing giant VMware.

The adverts feature a member of the VMware team and were shot using a large green screen set up. The green screen backdrop enables the use of VFXs and to place the presenter in various locations including a server room, a busy city street and even sat on top of giant letters! Once the live footage was shot, it was straight back to the edit suite to ingest the footage and begin the editing process.

Shooting the VMware adverts using a green screen set up


With a clear plan in place, we created the various backdrops for the presenter, added custom motion graphics, text and all the information needed for potential customers, using YouTube adverts specifications and best practices to create the most impactful adverts for the client.

Check out the finished VMware Cloud Migration advert here:

And the finished VMware HCI advert here…

YouTube is now the second largest search engine in the world with users watching more than 5 million videos on Youtube a day! This presents a golden opportunity for you to advertise your brand, so please get in touch if we can help.