Mar 2021

The Civica Awards is an annual event that we are involved with, in conjunction with communications agency SalesTorque who is our client.

For the last 7 years or so, we were lucky enough to make the pilgrimage to The Hilton in Manchester to capture the awards in an amazingly decorated themed room. It’s always an event we look forward to in our calendar. But this year was going to be different because of the social restrictions of the pandemic we have all become to know and love. This year, we were asked by our client to Live stream the event to multiple continents (Australia, India and UK) on three different days.

In all the previous award ceremonies talked about, we start work a couple of months beforehand, creating many videos to be shown in the huge screens on stage. This part was similar to the rest of the past shows, but with the knowledge that all the videos were going to be played out live to a homebound audience.

Creating the content

While our partner agency was tasked to remotely capture staff talking about their fellow nominees, it was our job to work on establishing the video design from this year’s theme of “Digital / Retro Gaming” and to create templates for each award so that once the staff have been filmed, we can add the footage in.

Other than the award videos themselves (which over 3 shows was about 45 videos), there were also multiple “filler” videos to make the live programme a complete show. These included a typical company feel good video, a 15-minute pre-event countdown video with twitter posts on and various other fillers. Including a fake digital shutdown video!

Creating video content at our edit suite

After a long stint in the editing suite, the videos were done, individually that is. So, then we had to order them correctly so that we could export one long show (one for each of the three shows) to play out and that could be viewed and checked by internal staff. There is always the odd spelling mistake, or a department change in there somewhere!

Going live!

As the awards were pre-recorded, we had the idea of adding live Twitter tweets on screen so that when the audience made a comment, within a few seconds, we could pop them up on screen. This worked great to give a real live feeling to the show and promoted audience engagement massively.

Live production computer – Tricaster

Each show was played out through a Tricaster 2 Elite (which is a powerful live production computer) based in our office that benefits from a leased line internet connection. It was then streamed to Vimeo Live, which was then embedded onto a custom-built website that people could log on a view. The live twitter tweets we then fed via an NDI feed from another computer in the office. The shows all went completely flawlessly, and viewer feedback was extremely positive.

Streaming to Vimeo Live with a output monitor


The main difference between creating video content for playback and live production is the planning. There always is a certain amount of planning for both, but live streaming a programme needs far more planning for sure. Every minute of the live production has to be pre-configured and tested for a worry-free live stream. We were there to advise the client on all aspects of the planning.

I should say, at time of writing this, we do not offer live streaming as a main service at Flyte Creative Media. However, as experts in creating content for businesses far and wide, our knowledge doesn’t end with what you see on our website in the services we offer. This is something that keeps our longstanding agency and individual business clients coming back time and time again.

If you want more information about what we can do for you and your business, do not hesitate to get in contact for a no obligation chat.