Jun 2024

Professional, consistent and flattering (yes, that’s really important too!) headshots need to be updated regularly for any business. The company website can then be kept up-to-date and the team have photos they are happy with for their LinkedIn profiles.

On a recent visit to OEG’s offices in Portsmouth, we spent an afternoon capturing headshots of the team, as many of them wanted updated photos and lots of new people had joined the team.

The marketing team requested an office background (as opposed to a white or block coloured one), so we set up our portable studio in the chosen area and got to work! So as not to interrupt the normal working day and enable privacy during the shoot, we asked for each person to come into the studio one at a time, we then took multiple shots and they then chose, with our guidance, their favourite photo from the shoot.

Once each person had been photographed, we headed back to the editing suite to edit the photos and supply the high-resolution images to the client. As they are high-res, the photos can be cropped in as needed for LinkedIn etc.

You can see a small selection of the headshots below.

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And here’s some behind the scenes photos from the day: