Jul 2021

We love video production here at FLYTE and have had the pleasure of working on projects for businesses of every size, from start-ups to well established SMEs, all the way up to global corporations. Our video editor is the pulse of the business, creating our clients’ video collateral day-in and day-out.

Have you ever thought about the broad range of skills, both technical and aesthetic, that a video editor has? And did you know that the skills of an editor can vary massively, with some holding just a few basic skills to some boasting an extensive and diverse range of skills and technical abilities that have been amassed over the years?

Here we explain just some of the different types of video editors you may come across (and find out which one our very own Jamie Griffin is!).

The Technician

Typically, a technician will thrive on the technical aspect of video production and is happiest when discussing chrominance, waveforms and vector scopes. They will be able to recite the focal length of all the lenses in the camera bag and will usually have a Leatherman somewhere on their person at all times…

The Musician

With a background in musical performance, sound engineering or both, this type of editor will mix the audio of your video to perfection and may even argue that the audio mix is more important than the visuals. With an encyclopaedic knowledge of microphones and when they should be used, this editor loves nothing more than reading a waveform.

The Graphic Designer

This editor’s edit bay is often surrounded by artwork and classic design pieces, and they usually have a love of photography. This editor will bring the visuals to life with their instinctive knowledge of composition, colour correction and grading and will often be the in-house motion graphics expert.

The Narrator

This editor can spot the ‘story’ within your project straightaway and will tease it out of the assets with ease. They know what questions need to be asked and have an instinctive feel for what b-roll will work best. They can make the sometimes painful decision on what needs to be cut, so be prepared for honesty from this editor!

The Preditor

Yes, this might sound a bit scary, but trust us, the preditor is your ally! This is a relatively new term that has evolved over the years as the industry has changed. In its truest sense, the Preditor is both a ‘producer’ and an ‘editor’ and is someone who is comfortable with managing all aspects of video production. They have a broad and diverse skillset and will often combine the talents of the Technician, Musician, Graphic Designer and Narrator -meaning they can see a project through from beginning to end confidently, working on the pre-production, production and post-production elements of a project.

Here at FLYTE, we are lucky enough to have our very own Preditor! Jamie Griffin is our in-house video editor, and his skillset and expertise are what make us different. With over 20 years of video and audio production skills Jamie works across all aspects of production meaning our clients can rely on us to manage all aspects of their video production.

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