May 2023

We often get asked by clients to explain words and phrases that are used, so we thought it would be useful to explain what some of them mean.

These are just some of the ones we’ve been asked about recently…

Colour Grading

This is the process of adjusting the brightness, colour and sharpness of the footage that has been captured for a video. This is done in the post-production phase of the project.

Frame Rate

This is the rate at which the camera shutter opens and closes, or a sensor captures video, in one second.


This is the way a shot is composed – how objects, people or animals (subjects) are surrounded (framed) by the edges of the image.

Speed ramp

This is when you change the speed of a video clip between slow, standard and/or fast motion.


A post-production technique used by editors to connect one shot to the next.

Jump cut

This is a fast or abrupt transition that makes the subject look like they’ve jumped from one spot to another without continuity.

Motion Graphics

Simply put – graphics that move! Digital footage or animations that create the illusion of movement or rotation.


An attachment that usually mounts on a tripod that utilises a track to allow smooth camera movements from side-to-side, front-to-back or diagonally.


This is the process of preparing footage to be edited by converting it to a different (and more suitable) format.

Dead cat

Not what you might initially think! This is actually a synthetic fur cover that goes over a microphone that blocks some of the wind hitting it when outside and therefore reducing the wind noise.

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