Jul 2022

When we get asked to quote for projects, reactions from clients can be anywhere between “How much!?” and “You can add a bit more budget if you would like”.

Jamie and I had a conversation about this today and tried to nail down why we could be perceived as expensive for some, but extremely good value for money for others.

We always keep an eye on our pricing so that we remain competitive, but it also directly reflects our experience, the high-quality gear that’s used, the cost of production (including the rising electric bills in the office) and the ability to do the vast majority of the work with just a couple of people (Jamie and I), reducing the need for other specialised creatives being brought in (although that does happen sometimes).

We are ultimately a creative business, using Jamie as a premium self-shooting digital content creator, who is highly experienced in video and photo, with me (Sarah) as his producer. This applies to video production and photography projects, whereas my voiceover work I can do mostly myself, but I must thank Jamie for teaching me all I need to know about that.

Value for money

The word premium is key there. The best thing about Jamie in particular, is that he has vast knowledge and experience in all things videography, editing (including motion graphics), and photography. He gets the best out of the gear that’s used, is nimble, is flexible on the schedule and is a quick, efficient creative.

So, if you think that most other video production companies have a videographer, an editor, a motion graphics artist, a photographer, all as separate people, you can see how fast people’s daily rates soon add up in that quote. Whereas Jamie is all of those people all in one. And the results speak for themselves.

There is a lot of money saved for you as a client right there.

We also have produced over 1500 videos and countless photo shoots over the past 15 years, for all types of brands, businesses, and individuals. Our knowledge of how video and photo can help you as the client in your marketing funnel is huge. We are definitely handy people to have on tap!

Possibly too expensive?

Using me as the producer, who (in a nutshell) organises the shoots, travel, logos, fonts, reviews, and the many other things required for a smooth production, etc, it gives Jamie the freedom of concentrating on the creative side of projects. It also means that for you as a client, there is a really clear pipeline for communication for every aspect of the project. But this obviously means that the daily rate is slightly more than a basic self-shooting videography person just out of college.

We must say however, if that is the case, let us know your budget. We can normally work with you to squeeze as much content out of whatever budget you have.

So, we think we are that extremely good value for money company that can really make you or your business shine, having the experience to make everything look premium while also being clear and efficient for you as the client. Ultimately, that’s what you want right?

But don’t take our word for it, click HERE to see what our other clients have to say.

Please do get in touch to chat about your next project. We look forward to working with you in the future.