Sep 2023

On a recent shoot for a client, we captured aerial video footage and stills photography using our drone. Our client’s business has physically grown its footprint in recent years, and they wanted to capture the full expanse of the facilities in their current state – it also gave them the chance to have a quick look at the roof and check everything is OK!

This got us thinking about drones and how much they are used day-to-day now. It also got us thinking about how important it is to use a fully qualified and insured drone pilot to capture those amazing shots from the sky and here’s why…

It’s essential that a drone pilot and the company they are operating under have the correct, specific drone insurance (plus all the standard insurances any production company needs to operate). Did you know that any imagery captured by a drone that is intended for commercial use must be captured by a fully insured and trained drone pilot?

Setting up for a drone shoot and running through the health and safety procedures usually takes longer than the actual shoot itself and our clients need a trusted and professional partner to advise on what can (and can’t) be achieved. However, it’s well worth it for the safety of everyone involved and to ensure the imagery can be used for its intended purpose.

We take training and safety procedures seriously here at FLYTE Creative Media, not just for our team, but for our clients too. To qualify initially, Jamie (our drone pilot), spent four days intensively training, not just learning how to make the shots look as good as possible but learning about how to safeguard the surrounding areas and when not to fly the drone (it’s more often than you might think!).

Plus, he has recently passed his latest GVC Drone exam with an amazing score of 93%! Jamie has now been a qualified drone pilot for over 6 years and this new qualification keeps him up to date with the new regulations coming in later in 2023.

But what does this really mean for our clients?

– Jamie is legally recognised as a qualified and competent remote drone pilot who can operate safely and legally.

– We can advise on when and how a drone can (or cannot) be used as part of a video shoot.

– We have Operational Authorisation from the CAA to fly drones up to 25 kg in built-up areas safely and legally.

– Our drone services are already compliant with new regulations coming in at the end of 2023.

– We can capture a wide variety of epic shots that will elevate any production, safely and in a fully-compliant way!

There are so many ways to use a drone now – they are a standard (and expected) part of a lot of video productions – but how about using the footage for a property video, or for capturing a sporting event as it happens or perhaps getting a team photo from a different perspective?


Jamie directing the clients to look at the drone for the aerial photography.


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