Mar 2020

2020 – just when you thought Brexit was going to destabilise the economy, corona virus reared its unforgiving head and here we are grappling with social distancing, isolating and, for many, suffering a dramatic downturn in demand for products and services.

Thankfully we are all keeping in touch online and I think it’s safe to say that the traffic to social media and networking channels is high and will remain so. The need to connect with other people is greater than ever and we are turning to digital platforms for comfort, entertainment and information.

This presents a unique landscape for marketers. As we all know, the importance of maintaining visibility with our audience is crucial, but for so many marketing budgets have already become a target for businesses looking to make immediate cuts. With budgets sparse, it is vital that we adjust and look to create marketing collateral that can be used now and in the medium to long-term too. It’s therefore an ideal time to take stock, review existing content and refresh your content plan for the future. So, what can we do?

Create content!

It is still possible to create valuable content whilst working remotely and we are busy working with clients on ‘no-contact’ videos – utilising banked footage and photography combined with custom motion graphics. We are also taking existing marketing collateral (ranging from PowerPoint presentations to print files) and turning them into animations. This is providing our clients with high-quality content that naturally drives a higher engagement rate across all channels – win, win! We are also recording our clients using Zoom (and then creating videos using their branding), to ensure they can still post vital comms to internal teams and crucial messaging to their respective industries.

We are also recommending our clients review their existing content and re-share customer testimonials, blogposts and success stories. Repurposing existing content is also a great way to bump up that ROI and helps you to keep some sort of visibility without having to spend what budget you have left. It’s OK to be positive about your brand and for many, content that doesn’t touch on the pandemic is actually light relief.

You can also start to bank content for a later date as, although we will certainly face an altered landscape, this time will pass, and some sort of normality will resume. This can, therefore, be the perfect time to get ahead of the curve and get creative. Write those blog posts you’ve been putting off, sort through that file of photos, reach out to your customers for testimonials and start planning your next video!

Spring clean

Not literally (although I imagine there is a lot of that going on at the moment!), but virtually. Take a fresh look at your website, review the content, check the functionality and add in those blog posts you’ve written! This is also a great time to review how you manage your projects and look into how you can improve your workflow. We love using Active Collab in particular, as it gives our whole team and clients amazing visibility of projects and how they’re progressing and (my favourite part!) it generates a personalised ‘to do’ list for the team – particularly useful for remote working.  Flyte was lucky enough to be asked to do a testimonial for ActiveCollab recently, have a watch below…

Read more on ActiveCollab’s blog about what we had to say about their fantastic platform HERE.

Stay in touch

As we all need to connect with one another (virtually) more than ever. Keep communication open with your audience and customers, yes, but also with colleagues, peers, suppliers, mentors, tutors, even competitors. Get ideas flowing, create a connection and share the ups and downs with others. Now is the time to embrace Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Slack (to name but a few!) and reach out. We love using Zoom, but we are pretty much agnostic when it comes to staying in touch, as we want our clients to be able to use what they feel most comfortable with. We are used to virtually sharing files with clients too and use Dropbox, WeTransfer and SharePoint every day.

At Flyte, we are even turning one of our editing suites into a live streaming studio to help keep our message going. Flyte Live should be airing soon. In the future, we are starting to think this could be a new service that we will be able to provide once we are all allowed out again. Get in touch if you want to know more about this.

Remain positive

Yes, this is an unusual time and yes, it is unsettling, but time will move on and we will all adjust to what may be a new way of working. Remote working might become the norm, meaning we all spend less time commuting, spend more time with our families and learn to appreciate the smaller things in life.

Ultimately, as marketers we can continue to reach out and connect with audiences by sharing content that uplifts, informs and inspires. See you online!