Mar 2020

Telling the story of a brand

We were briefed by the team at Paris Smith to create a video telling the story of the culture of their 200-year old brand, with a view to sharing this with their clients and with potential employees.

Planning is key!

We spent time working with the Paris Smith marketing department to ascertain exactly what questions should be asked when interviewing the existing team members. We created questions that would allow the team to share their positive experiences of working with their colleagues at Paris Smith and the highlights of their careers, so far.

It was a great day of interviewing the team at Paris Smith!


Filming on location

We had a busy day interviewing the staff at the Southampton and Winchester branches and then spent another day filming the b-roll of the local areas to add to the video.

An interview in full swing with the Paris Smith team


Back to the editing suite!

Then it was back to the FLYTE Creative Media edit suite to ingest all the footage and create the various edits of the video, both in long form and shorter social edits. The Paris Smith marketing team supplied us with the brand guidelines and assets, so we could ensure the video remained on-brand for their campaign.


Editing the video


Here is the finished full-length video, which we think really capture the spirit of the Paris Smith ethos: