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PR is a credible form of promotion and can be very persuasive and the reach gained through media coverage can expose your message to a large audience in a highly cost-effective way.

We help our clients reach the right audience via promotion through editorial coverage, i.e. securing stories on websites, in newspapers, magazines, on the radio and even on TV.

Why FLYTE Creative Media?

Our in-house PR experts have worked in the media and understand how a busy newsroom works. We have built up good relationships with the press and understand what they want to craft a story, therefore creating the best chance of achieving placements in the media.

We can help you to spot a story or angle about your business and suggest newsworthy stories you may not have considered. We can advise on best practice if you are managing your PR in-house and we are happy to simply write the copy for your promotional material and leave the rest up to you.

Going beyond the press release

We actively seek to gain your brand the maximum chance of coverage by going ‘beyond’ the press release. We can create accompanying blogs, social posts and will only ever advise publishing a press release that is truly newsworthy andwill get a positive response from the media and therefore coverage for your brand.

Photography and videography

We can also devise and co-ordinate photo opportunities, ensuring you have the best editorial photography to accompany your publicity material. We can capture video rushes and supply them directly to the media for broadcast pieces. Plus, thanks to our full-service video production arm, we can produce promotional videos to support your brand.

Flexibility to suit your needs

Our approach is totally flexible – whether you’re looking for a couple of days support a month or would like us to take care of everything, we are happy to chat through the best option for you.

We work in collaboration with PR and marketing agencies, so if you’re looking to outsource aspects of your workload please get in touch to discuss how we can work together.

Email sarah@flytecreativemedia.co.uk or call us on (01590) 427810.