May 2023

Creating an animation to explain a new product or service is a great way to make it easy to understand, as visual explanations are more easily processed by our brains!

The finance team at AstraZeneca required an animation to turn a few sketches on paper of an idea into a fully-fledged animation to describe their function.

Working in partnership with Axiom Communications, we helped to flesh out the concept and then Axiom created a storyboard for the animation. We worked together over in various meetings to refine the story and firm up the visual representation of the finance function.

It was then time to create the 2D animation. Our editor Jamie began the process of creating each scene of the animation using the storyboard as the guide, and then stitched it all together. We added sound effects and music to really bring it to life, plus a voiceover from our in-house VO Sarah, brought it all together.

The video was used as part of an all-hands meeting and can be viewed below.

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