Jun 2023

We’ve really enjoyed working with the Camping in the New Forest team, so were thrilled when they asked us to produce another set of promotional videos for them.

The brief this time was to produce a ‘Morning to Night’ video in landscape format, two short reels showing the same content and a reel featuring an older demographic.

We spent a full day filming at two of their campsites, plus other locations in the New Forest, in order to capture an authentic experience of a full-day at their sites. From sizzling bacon cooking on the grill, to families enjoying the natural surroundings, to couples taking a picnic to the water’s edge, we worked through the shot list to get those all-important camping moments.

Once we’d captured all the footage, it was back to the editing suite to create the videos, adding write-on animated text, music and the custom logo animation.

Thanks go to the lovely and very willing campers who were fantastic extras and to the helpful and friendly campsite wardens.

Look out for the videos across the Camping in the New Forest social media channels and you can watch the full-length video below.