Aug 2023

The New Forest Show is one of the biggest summer events in Hampshire, drawing crowds of 80-90,000 people each year.

We were delighted to be asked to film and produce a series of highlight videos to promote the show across the three days it ran. Our brief included: producing a set-up day video to encourage more last-minute tickets sales; producing one highlight video per day; producing a main highlight video, plus a promotional video for the 2024 marketing campaign.

Prior to the show, we worked with the NFS marketing team on a shot list for each day, discussed the style they wanted for the videos and agreed the text for each video. We also spent a day animating their logo and creating the various text animations for the videos. Plus, we got to have a tour of the site whilst it was being built, helping us to really get to grips with the layout of the show ground and see each of the respective areas.

Our first day of filming was the day before the show opened its gates to the public, and we captured all of the traders and exhibitors setting up and preparing for the event. We created a set-up video with the footage to create excitement around the event and boost ticket sales.

You can watch the set-up video here.

We then spent the next three days of the show on site from 6am, filming throughout the day before heading back to our editing suite each night to produce a short highlight video of each day (in both horizontal and vertical aspect ratios). The NFS marketing team then shared the videos on their social media channels each night with a link to purchase tickets.

You can watch the videos here: Day1, Day 2, Day 3.

After three very busy, long (but fun!) days of filming we headed back to the editing suite to edit together the main highlight video of the show along with a version for the 2024 marketing campaign.

Thanks to the team at the New Forest Show for a great week and for the chance to film their event – we loved it!

If you’d like to see behind the scenes of filming the show, have a watch of our YouTube video:

You can watch the 2023 New Forest Show highlight video below.